Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spaghetti Lunch Success

The girls sold over 100 tickets for the spaghetti lunch!  Today they volunteered their time to make sure the event was successful.  They waited outside to direct the public indoors, took tickets, showed people to the food and tables and re-stocked the salad and dessert table.  Also, they had plenty of time to visit with each other, family, friends, and supporters.

The girls pitched in to wipe down tables and clean up the facility when the event was over.  They even had time to steal the camera and took a few good shots of each other.  The tally isn't in yet, but by all accounts it appeared to be successful!

Special thanks goes out to the cooks who prepared the sauce the night before and to Laurie Dieter for work in organizing the event and ensuring that it ran smoothly!  Of course, Felisa and Oscar did more than their fair share and we thank them for making this trip possible.

See the pictures here....

Monday, January 23, 2012


This blog is set up as a companion guide for friends, family and supporters of the DRMF 2012 Soccer Exchange. The Exchange will benefit joining two communities: one in Arou Japan and the other here in Louisville, Colorado. The tie that binds is the sport of soccer. The cultural exchange will allow our children the benefit of meeting others, seeing how they live, and engaging in some good clean fun. They will experience the home life of Japanese culture since they will reside with a host family in Japan this coming March.

In July we will return the favor by hosting the Japanese delegates in our homes and in our community. This promises to be an exciting and eye-opening event for all of us.

Bruce and myself (Janene) will set out to capture as much of the events, photos, and memories of the exchange on this blog as we are able. Stay posted for upcoming events!

Spaghetti fund raiser

This Saturday we will have the delegation work as a team by providing a spaghetti lunch for the community. This will be an opportunity for the girls (and their families) to work together.

This event will be held at the St. Luis Catholic School in downtown Louisville from 11 - 2pm. Menu items include salads, spaghetti, and deserts. Hope everyone comes out for a good cause and it gets the girls thinking about the upcoming trip.