Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank you, team

The Japanese delegation is on their way to Denver.  And the best thing that I can say is that we have Shelley's cookies to welcome them.  If you don't know about Shelley's cookies, you're missing out.  They are to die for, especially right out of the oven. . .  And they will be waiting tonight for the Japanese to devour. Thanks, Shelley; which leads me right into the title of my post, "Thank you, team." 

The DRMF 2012 International Soccer Exchange is made possible by the efforts of our entire volunteer team.  We have Coach Oscar, the players, their parents, the Trebol Soccer Club, and the many friends of all of this team.  For some reason, no matter how many times we call upon them to participate, they keep coming back for more.  The reason for that, in my mind, is the quality of our leader, Coach Oscar.  I know I'm his wife and all, but I must say that he has done a fantastic job.  I can't wait to see the fruits of the Colorado team's efforts.  I know it will be great!

So wish us luck and come out to the 6 v 6 tournament at the YMCA in Lafayette from 8a - 12p on Saturday, August 4th. 

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