Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 2 - PM Formal Welcome Party

There was a theme to today.  In my mind it was friendship.  So many friends came together to make this exchange possible.  And, for me, so many came together to make tonight's party a smashing success. Friends travelled across half the world; other across the county.  We lent grills, carpooled kids, prepared food, moved tables, gave time & energy, smiles & joy. 

Our spirits were not dampened when the rain made an appearance late in the afternoon.  And the sun started shining right on time.  With the weather cooperating, the kids enjoyed many outdoor activities:  soccer (of course), jump roping, badminton, sno-cones and ice cream, water balloons, corn on the cob, shish kebabs, watermelon (to name a few).  But the biggest hit of the party came in the form of our four legged neighbors, Shiloh and Bear.  Their appearance rounded out a Colorado day, on Colorado Day.

At first, the Sanvino players were hesitant to approach the horses.  But with the help of a little alfalfa, everyone warmed up.

Then, once the coaches decided to mount up, the kids were on board, too.

The evening concluded with a group picture.

Oyasuminasai!  Mata ashta.

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