Saturday, August 4, 2012


DRMF held its first International 6 v 6 Soccer Tournament featuring the Sanvino U11 boys soccer team from Arao, Japan, competing against four local teams including three Trebol Soccer Club teams from Lafayette, Colorado and one team from Broomfield.  The Sanvino A team went undefeated 3-0 in group play.  In the championship game, Sanvino A beat the Broomfield team in the first 5 minute sudden death overtime.  The Sanvino B team came in 3rd, beating the Trebol U11 boys team 3-2 in a penalty kick shootout.

After the tournament it was time to relax and enjoy some ice cream.  But not just any old ice cream would do, we had sundaes from heaven.  That's right.  Ice cream bowls, spoons, scoops of ice cream, and toppings were all dropped from above.  Each person who wanted ice cream had to catch it themselves.  It made quite a mess, and lots of smiles too.  In the end our Japanese guests took the time to thank us for the unique experience.

The day was capped off with a Colorado Rapids game against Real Salt Lake.  At the game, we all got a chance to be entertained by one of the mascots.  The bald eagle was happy to take pictures and let the kids try to fit in his beak. They'll all have a good night sleep after a long and fruitful day.
Photos coming soon . . .

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