Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BBQ With Sanvino Families

Tonight we had a casual dinner outside.  The Families have once again gone out of their way to show us their hospitality.  We all met at a local senior center.  There was a lot of space for the kids to play, to sit and eat, and socialize.  The families brought out several dishes that were prepared including rice and several different varieties of curry.  Then there was the prepared noodles, grilled meats and vegetables.  The kids ate and then played soccer - in the dark.  Later it was time for sparklers for the kids.  The US delegates showed the Japanese how to roast marshmallows.  Sheri was exceptionally good at it since she likes roasting but not eating.  The men who were grilling were surprised to see what she was doing.  She offered them one and they all laughed about how it was gooey.  Then they started following the same practice and roasting their own as well.  Another great night with good food and new lifelong friends.

BBQ Photos


  1. Thank you Janine for all of your hard work. I know how exhausting it must be to return to your room wanting to crash but taking the time to keep the families in Colorado informed. It makes my day to see that everyone is having a memorable time. Your photos are awesome. Honto ni, domo arigato goizaimasu!!!!

    1. Janene must have a new lens for her camera. Great pictures! :)