Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jade Speaks

Today the kids went to the amusement park while some of the parents went to some pottery places.  Some of the parents went with the kids.
      I went around the amusement park with Mari, Mitra, Faye, and Oscar.  We didn't plan it that way it just ended up like that.  Our goal was to ride every single ride in the park but there were so many rides we couldn't do it even though we spent 7 hours at the park.  We went on a lot of rollar coasters, some funny little kid rides and even went in a haunted house.  My favorite ride was this really big red rollar coaster that is like the mind eraser wich is at Elitch Gardens.
      We went into this place that everyone was talking about called the penguin palace.  It was basically a room that you walked through that was freezing cold and had a ton of fake penguins.  It was really ridiculous.   So was the haunted house.  It was more funny than scary.  A bunch of people around us thought it was really scary though.
      We went down some alpine slides and Mari went really slow so we all caught up to her and were all going really slow right behind her.
      For lunch we tried to order some 6 pizzas, one for each of us.  Some how there was a mix-up though and we ended up with 6 sushi corn-dogs.  So we ate those and then all got our pizzas.  The pizzas were really different.  The cheese was so gooey it was almost a liquid and the crust was really doughy.
      All of us except Faye went on a rollar coaster where you stand up.  It was really fun because when you went down a hill you felt like you were really falling.  After we rode that rollar coaster we did archery because Faye wanted to.  We all thought it was going to be really ridiculous and it was but it also turned out to be really fun.
      In the end we all had a lot of fun.  It was a perfect day to be at the park because it was warm but not extremly hot.  Sadly it wasnt hot enough for any of the water rides to be open but we still had a lot of fun going on all of the other rides.
      Some of the parents went a pottery shop while we were at the amusement park and they said that it was really cool.  A lot of the parents who went bought some pottery.  My dad bought a tea pot and some cups to go with it.
     We miss everyone at home and cant wait to see when we come home although it will be sad to leave Japan.  W are leaving now to go to a barbaque.  Goodbye!

Greenland Park

Dinner at Sakamoto

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