Sunday, March 25, 2012

Celebration Dinner

After the tournament it was time to celebrate with the Sanvino Soccer Club.  The parents and families have been very generous and supportive (bringing us chairs to sit in, drinks and food, and hot water for coffee and hot cocoa) and they invited us to spend time with them for their graduation of the sixth grade players.

We met a a banquet hotel room.  The food was ready on large tables with a giant lazy susan so we could spin it around to get the items we wanted.  They continued to bring out more food, light a burner with a steam basket full of food, and every parent was rewarded with at least one bottle of beer (most had many more set down without asking).  The festivities began with a round of BINGO.  The funny thing is, this BINGO went on and on until each and every person got a BINGO.  In the end I think there were only about 3 numbers that didn't get called!  We were all given a necklace of sorts with wrapped snacks and candies.  Then it was  time for Coach (we call him Boss) to hand out gifts.  They gave everyone in the room a number and then he woud call one and you would come and select your gift.  All the Trebol parents received a very cool jersey that had both Japan and USA on it.  The girls got Trebol USA jerseys, and the Sanvino parents received the same jerseys as the US parents.  It was great fun.

The night lasted while the Sanvino graduating players were honored with slide shows of their games, awards and speeches.  Then the Sanvino parents were also honored for their hard work and support of the team.  It was very touching as coaches and families shed tears and laughter.

It was after 10 before we left for the night.  Everyone was tired (too tired to blog) and we came back and crashed.  Today we will meet at 8am to take an hour bus ride to play against girls teams.  GIRLS!! YEAH!!!  It will be another long day, filled with fabulous memories that we can only barely begin to describe here.

The girls have been writing and I'll be putting more of their notes on the blog when we get back this afternoon.  They love and miss you all and thank you for your comments so far.

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