Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soccer Tournament Day 2

Wow!!!  What an exhausting day we all had yesterday.  While the sun came out, the temperature didn't increase, and the wind seemed to pick up.  It was draining to all of us.  Hard to keep the sand off of everything you owned and out of your eyes, yet we are all in good spirits - some of us even downright giddy and having a great time.

The first game we lost 0-2.  The first goal was constant pressure in the box and the second was a break away one on one.  The girls had opportunities, including a break away by Randi and Hannah bent a corner kick in just right - but smaller fields have smaller goals and the ball hit the top of the crossbar! The second game was 1-1 in regular playing time and a shootout at the end.  Mitra stopped a kick and we ended up with a 3-2 victory.  The third game was against the winners of the competition.  These boys were taller than the rest, quick and moved constantly.  We played tough, stepped up our speed a bit, and had opportunities but the scored ended up 0-2.  The girls played well and were tired after 6 games in two days.  We gathered for the final ceremony.  All the teams stood and patiently waited while medals were given out.  The parents were amazed at how the teams stood there in the cold for quite a while, but they did not leave, or create a ruckus, they just stood there and waited.  Even the applause for the winning team was surprising - no cheers, just polite golf claps.

In the final ceremony the girls received a cup for playing in the tournament and Mitra received an MVP award for her punch of a ball that avoided giving a win up in a tie game.  The girls took many pictures, celebrated with Daniel (our organizer's son and translater) and headed back to the host families and hotel to get cleaned up for the celebration dinner.


  1. I remember the dirt fields!!! Space is so limited there, let alone grass! Have an awesome time in Kumamoto the castle is amazing. Hope you all can sleep a little on the bus! And the food....OISHI-SO DESU NE??!!!
    Looking forward to hearing more from the girls... Emiko...hint, hint!


  2. Loving the pictures and updates. I hope Amy is writing in her journal so she can remember everything... Looks like there will be so much to talk about when they return. We might all want to read Faye's journal for "more" information since she seems to have a lot to say... that's a good thing, Faye :)Girls soccer tomorrow - Yay!

    I am not sure about everyone's access to info. over there. If Brad doesn't know already - will you let him know that the Kansas Jayhawks beat UNC today and are headed to the Final Four against Ohio State. Louisville plays Kentucky on Sat. Murphy and I are doing the Happy Dance. Thanks!! ((((HUGS)))) Have FUN!

    BTW - was that the amusement park in the background of the soccer field pics that you will be going to this week?

  3. Yes, the amusement park in the background is the one we'll be going to later this week. All the kids have been drooling over it!

  4. I'll pass on the good new to Brad about the Final Four!