Friday, March 23, 2012

Dahlia Speaks

This morning we had a PARTY!!! - sort of.  It started out small, we had breakfast (salad, sausage, eggs...) and the the oldest daughter, Faye, and I started to play cards.  Then for no reason that I could see, my host sister got up and left.  When she came back Jade and Hannah and their host sister were with her.  We started to play spoons (with coins since it seemed the best and easiest game to explain to the Japanese.  Then my host sister got up again (this time I heard the bell) and she came back with Mari and Mitra and their host sibling... Then Lina came and then Jamie and Amy.  We played spoons until it was time to go.  There was much drama during this simple and easy game.  Mitra attacked me to get a coin, Jade leaped across the tatami mat to get a coin and so on and so forth.  And then we left for bowling.  I always seem to fail at bowling, but by some lucky omen, I did not end up failing miserably.  The best part of the bowling was when Faye and Mari were experimenting with how to bowl.

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