Friday, March 23, 2012

Liina Speaks

So far we have had so much fun!  A bit of troubles with me and my host family (they are smokers and we are working something out) but overall a nice community.  When I met the host family there were nice and giving, for example my host mom gave me her cardigan when I couldn't find my jacket.  The kids were all excited and posing for every picture.  I'm kind of obsessive over the pictures and have taken way too many.  It is incredible how different the culture is and how everybody is treated.  The first night I was at the host family they made me chocolate cake.  Since I'm staying by myself and forgot all my Japanese it has been very hard to communicate.  For breakfast this morning I had rice and really I say this a lot to my friend, the sausage tasted like Finland.  I had this seaweed stuff and it was ok but yesterday I felt sick because of the sudden food change and how healthy it was compared to American Food.  The present I got from my host family was some chopsticks that were pink.  The views in Japan are breathtaking and it's so much fun to take pictures.  The cherry blossoms have not bloomed yet but still I'm on the look out.  We went shopping and I got a mug with tons of Japanese words.  Well, I've explained as much as I can.  See you all when we get back!

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  1. What???? No nihongo??????!!!!!
    At least domo arigato gozaimasu right?
    :) Sounds like you are all having a great time.
    O genki de!