Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dahlia Speaks

Lunch. Who new that you could get corn dogs when you order pizza. . . . Mari, Mitra, Faye, Jade, Oscar, and myself went into a little restaurant and were milling around looking at what food to get. When we decide on pizza, Oscar goes up to order the pizza and then corn dogs come out and Jade says something about how she wants one because they look good. So, we sit down and then they bring out four corn dogs with ketchup and mustard on them. The whole time we were eating them, we were wondering why the people gave us these corn dogs. they weren't American corn dogs either. they were like fish corndogs that were just supposed to look like hot dog corndogs. Surprisingly, I liked them much better than American corndogs. Anyway, then we go up to order pizza again(without Jade)and this time we get the right order.

When we get the pizza, it comes with little cute mini pizza cutters. So, everyone is cutting the pizza like a normal pizza, you know,in the usual triangles, ecept Mitra. Mitra cuts the pizza into tiny little squares and then, instead of using the fork, she uses the pizza cutter as her eating utensil(Mitra has trouble with forks). She ended up getting teased for the rest of lunch.

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