Thursday, March 29, 2012

Faye Speaks

Yesterday we went to Greenland first i was alittle nervous because i hate rollar coasters. Then we got there and we went on a caris go round that was a lot of fun, I thought. Then Mari, Mitra, Jade Dahlia and Oscar all went on the first rollar coaster, I just watched and took pictures. Then we all went on a lady bug ride.(all of us being everyone but Oscar) Then we walked to the Milkyway rollar coaster it was a rollar coaster where you could stand up or sit down, it was almost like a race. i watched everyone do it it looked like fun. hey tried both the sitting and the standing they said standing was the best. After they were done we went to an Archery place that was so much fun i hit a yellow which was right out side of the bulls eye. Mitra almost hit a bulls eye too. Oscar and Mari had a show down Mari lost. Then we went to go get some ice cream. Then we walked to the ballon ride, but it was closed so we couldn't go on it. so we walked around looking for rides. Most of my group wanted to go on a mummy ride, but it looked kind of stupid. so we walked around a little bit more. Then we came upon a bumper boat race thing. I got paired up with Mari i drove and we kept on spinning in circles hitting other people and getting them wet. we won that race. then we went over to the spin mouse which is like a mini rollar coaster. When we were waiting in line these girls told us that we were cute. they told Jade she looked like a famous singer to them. Jade and Mari closed their eyes on the ride. it was a ton of fun. So then we went on a chair lift to go up the mountain up there, there was a haunted house. i didn't go in that one, but everyone caem out laughing because it was so lame. We got on a witch swing ride . it wasn't extremely fun, but it was still fun. (all of the mini rides or kid rides are called "Faye Rides") Then we rode down the mountain in those little car thing i was the last person to to go and i was holding everyone up because i was so slow. Then we walked around and we wanted to go on one more ride before lunch. So we walked over to the dinosaur ride. I watched that one too, but they said it was a potential "Faye ride."Then we went over to Pengiun Palace. it was below 30 degrees Ferenheit. it had penguins ripped up in the polar bear section it was a little interesting. Then we went to the jungle place that wasn't very Exciting, but I'm happy we went in there. Then we went to lunch we went up there and ordered 6 pizzas, but we got 6 corn dogs i didn't eat one. We think they gave then those to us because Jade looked at the corn dog and was like "OH i want one of those." so we just blamed her. so we went back up there and ordered pizza, just Oscar went this time.  we ate lunch then we went on a "Faye ride." it was a water rollar coaster obviously for little kiddos.  after that we went on a pendulum ride. That was fun, Mitra was freaking on the second swing.  i THought that one was a lot of fun. Then we went on Chaos, it was so scary, but it was still fun we played ninja when we waited in line that was fun. we only had thirty minutes left so we walked from one end of the park to another on the way we stopped at the tea cups. I went with Mari and Mitra, Mari was killing the ride we were going so fast. so then we went to our final ride, the big red one i didn't go on that one because i didn't want my legs to get ripped off. so then Me, Liina, Emiko, Elizabeth, Randi, and Jamie went to the place where we had our picnic. We hung out there for an hour and a half.  We Played basketball, dodgeball and hola hooped. it was a little awkward at first because i didn't have that many friend there. When everyone got there we had a rock paper scissors war. whoever won got a prize. I didn't win any thing. then we had a juggling contest Mari won with 9, show us how bad we are at juggling. I won a towel with japanese on it. Everyone won something. Then we went out side and ate spagetti. That was the best Noodles I've ever had. we just kind of chilled i hung out with Mari the whole time. We just hung out, jumped rope, juggled, played soccer, ate and talked it was very fun. then we went over to Mari's host families house. That house is huge compared to my host families house. Her Family has their own bus it's crazy. we played old maid and we were making weird noises. Dahli and Mari have their own musical thing now. First we played old maid then we played the matching game and finally spoon with chop sticks. This morning our host mom woke us up at 6:06 and we thought we had to be at the hotel by 6:15 so we were freaking out, but we didn't have to be there until 7:00. Now we are on the bus to Nagaski. I can't believe how quickly this week has gone by it feels like yesterday when i went bowling. I'm happy i get to go home and see my family, and to sleep in my own bed and shower in my shower. Other then that i am dreading tomorrow. I'm happy i had to opportunity to come on this trip and experience what i did.

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