Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Emiko Speaks

Hello everyone!!!

This trip has been so much fun and it is going by really fast :( Atleast I have gotten used to the time zone because everyone was getting really loopy. I'm also starting to become pretty home sick but I really don't want to leave in 3 days. Yesterday we got to play 2 soccer games against the Kumamoto soccer team. The final score was 5-5! Without Maye (Faye's sister), Mayu, Kumi, and Nagisa (The girls on Sanvino) it probably would of been 5-0. Mayu scored 3, Nagisa and Maye scored once. The girls on the other team were really nice and amazing at soccer. They would all try to speak English to us. One ask Faye and me if we had boyfriends!!! The Kumamoto bear, Kumamon, came and took pictures with us and he got to play on the field for a little bit! It was a lot of fun. Today we are going to see dolphins at Amakusa island!! Hopefully the waves don't get large because I get motion sick really easily. In fact writing this blog on the bus is making me really sick. We got to stop at a little store by the sea and we saw a lot of jelly fish!! I felt like I was in Finding Nemo! Right now we are sitting next to our little translator Daniel!! He is probably the sweetest thing!! Then there is his brother, Sassy Marcus!! He has really smelly feet. We were talking if he dreamed in English, Japanese, or Norweigan. He didn't know, but at home their family speaks English and he thinks in English. Oscar sleeps a lot!! Right now he is just dead on his chair along with Jade and Mari. But I for one cannot say anything because I have been sleeping a lot also. I better go before I puke on the Synder's computer!!

-Emiko <3
P.S. Tell Midori that I cannot find any facewash but I'm stacking up on Chocolate Macadamian Nuts!!! Love and miss you all!!!

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  1. Emiko,
    If you get this that will be great. Catie Ciaglo wants TOPPOS whatever that is. She will pay you back. Tell Dad. Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience... glad you got to do it twice! :)