Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hannah Speaks

Hey guys!!!!

So this trip has been super duper fun!!!! Its also been really really tiring. BUt thats ok!! Right now we are going to Amakusa, a port town that sits in the southern half of Kyuushyuu, which is the island we have been staying on. We are riding in a karaoke bus but thankfully have not turned on the actual karaoke. WE ARE GOING TO WATCH DOLPHINS!! ON A BOAT!! As you can tell, im psyched to go! It has been super cold while we are here yet I havent gotten this sunburned in a very long time!! This trip has been the most amazing trip of my life! It has also been a great time of making more friendships, both with the Japanese and my friends on the team. We have taken boatloads of hilarious pitures and videos. We have done so many different things and done to so many different places!!! The landscape here is crazy!!!! There are mountains and oceans and masive rivers. We went to Kumamoto Castle yesterday. It was so beautiful with its towering towers and 20 acre grounds. We took two tours of two different buildings that were part of the castle. Hiro, the organizer of the trip, explained all kinds of different things about the buildings and is really helpful all the time!!! Also Hiro's two sons, Marcus and Daniel, are our main translators. Marcus is a little sassy pants and Daniel is a little angel. They are complete opposites but are brothers. Anyway im tired and am on a long bus ride to Amakusa and want to sleep so ill pass the cumputor on to Emiko.

Love you all,


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