Friday, March 23, 2012

Faye Speaks

Today was so much fun.  First, I woke and I had breakfast.  It was a little weird because the eggs and sausage were different.  I had rice and sushi.  I didn't know how to eat it with chop sticks, but I tried.  The oldest girl taught me how to eat the seaweed and rice together.  It was a little challenging, but she said it was ok to use my fingers.  After breakfast everyone came over to my family's house (Mari, Mitra, Jade, Hannah, Jamie, Amy and some of the Japanese friends).  We all played spoons, but with Dahlia's coins.  It was so hard to explain to the Japanese how to play but we did it successfully.  It got extremely competitive and it was hard to keep up with.  Later we went to the bowling.  I lost miserably to Dalia, my sister, and her best friend.  The second game I was goofing off with Mari.  First we did a granny shot then we did backwards granny shot, then I got a spare on my tebowing shot.  That part was one of my favorites.  Then I got a spare after my tebow shot.  Out last one was a switcharoo.  I was in my lane, Mari was in hers' and we spinned in to each others lanes.  I did horribly Mari got me a spare, she's going to hold that against me.  Mitra tried to Tebow while bowling that was so funny it was in the gitter and didn't even make it to the pins. I got second place in that round, surprisingly.

Then we went to the arcade and I tried to be DJ Beds - I got 98% poor.  The arcade was amazing.  I loved it, but it smelled like smoke.  Then we walked to the hotel where we at the most amazing food in the world.  I could have eaten to my death.  The toilets here are amazing, just saying.  They are amazing because the seats are heated, and they have these random buttons that wash your butt and dry your butt.  Liina, Jade and Mari all barfed something up.  I had one of the best sodas in my life at that restaurant.  Then we went to the mall where we took so many pictures.  Some of the shirts I don't even think they know what they said.  One shirt said Kitts, Raze, Quirk, Jokes!  We took a picture with her just because of her shirt.  I broke my camera when we were taking so many pictures, though.  We went to another arcade.  There's a thing at the arcade that makes you look perfect (Emiko, Peyton Elizabeth, Jamie, Randi and someone else took a picture there they looked stunning!  There was one store just for Hello Kitty.  There was one totally hippy store.  I bought Daniel, my little brother, something there.  Then we went to a souvenir store and I got my friends stuff there.  I got them a big box of Fanta flavored candy.  (Mari show me an amazing song) we went to Sports Authority, of course.  Liina and Mitra played golf there.  Liina was super good and Mitra was a little challenged.  The guy that helped us spoke very good English.  I was very impressed.  There was only one shirt in Japanese.  The rest was in English - aren't we in Japan?  I got Daniel some silverware with chop sticks.  I'm not even close to being done shopping, but this will do for today.

The bus ride back was fun.  Bradley was being Bradley and making fun of Mari and her boyfriend.  When we went back to to the hotel we mest some little Japanese boys who I think we confused a little.  He saw Bradley wearing a basketball shirt and thought we were a basketball team, but Oscar tried to explain to him that we played soccer.  Then they kept on asking us if we played basketball.  then we said Mari played basketball, but I think they though Mari wasn't on our team.  Then they little boys came over to me later while I was typing this.  They came over and just looked at me.  Then I introduced my self, one of them introduced themselves to me the other didn't.  Oscar told them I played defense and then they just ran away. I hope I didn't scare them.  The day went by sooo fast.  I can't believe it's already 6:30.  That a sign of a good day.


  1. Thanks for writing this because then I won't have to bug you when you get home. Granny

  2. So happy you got to have your sushi the first day! Be sure you get some good tips on how to make it so we can replicate it when you come back home! By the way, we all love you and miss you back home. Prayin that you have unforgettable moments each day! PS- Pops said he wants you to take pics of the toilet!...dude....!