Friday, March 23, 2012

Peyton Speaks

Hajimemashte!  Watashino nameawa Peyton Des!

I can't believe we are really here!  First thing we did here was shop and I got Cambria, mom and makayla presents.  Then we got on the bust and went to the hotel.  We waited there for hours until the host families showed up for a welcoming ceremony.  I was so happy!  Elizabeth and I were stoked and ready to meet the family.  It turns outs there is two boys in our family.  One is 15 (wink, wink j.k)  But I love the parents.  I am so happy and will type more later!


  1. Yay Peyton, you used Japanese!!! jozu jozu!
    Good luck in soccer!! Ganbatte!

  2. Hi I am so glad you are having fun. Don't break any hearts over there lol. I love you and miss you very much. Good luck in the games keep us posted.

    Love Mom