Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jade Speaks

Hey everybody!
Right now we are driving to Amakusa to go out on a boat and do some dolphin watching which is going to be awesome!  This whole trip has been awesome!  I have met so many new friendly people on this trip.  My host family is really nice.  There is a 15 year old girl in my host family named Seika who can speak english wich is really helpful.  In the soccer tournament i met a TON of little boys all of whom were extremly cute.  A couple of them were hanging around our tent and were really funny.  I gave a really shy one my t-shirt and it was so cute seeing how happy he got.  Yesterday we got to play against girls our own age.  We also got to have three extremly good soccer players on our team.  Their names were Kumi, Mayue, and Nagisa. (I probably spelled their names wrong) They were all amzing players and they were also really nice.  After we played the girls yesterday we ate lunch with them and had a lot of fun.  They were really nice and even a little funny.  When we left they chased our bus and one told me she loved me when I was getting on the bus!  We have some amazing interpreters with us.  There is a man named Hiro who has organized everything and his son Marcus.  They both speak english and Japanese.  So does a little boy named Daniel (Hiro's younger son) who we all love!  He loves interpeting for us and is extremly nice and friendly.  These are just a few of the people we have met but everyone we have met has been really kind to us.  We are all having a lot of fun doing crazy and awesome things.  We have gone bowling, played soccer, gone to the mall, visted a castle, and made lots of new friends.  There is also a lot more to come.  We get to go dolphin watching, vist an amusment park, and go to the Nagasaki peace museum.  We all mis everyone at home and cant wait until we get back and get to see you.  We will definatly always remember this trip and will be really sad when we have to leave.

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