Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jamie Speaks

Hey everyone!
It has been an amazing trip so far! I got here earlier than everyone else so I went to the temple of the samurai god, it was pretty spiffy! The first days were really busy and Amy and I met or host families and the mom is really nice. The third day Amy and i played outside with Maya and Shinnoka(the kids in our family) and we really got to know each other because before that they were really quiet and shy but now they are much more outgoing. Here we all seem famous, Trebol was at a party for the Sanvino(the club the exchange was with) U12 player's graduation, so they can move on to play for their junior high soccer team. It was a very nice ceremony and dinner. Everyone wanted to take pictures with us because we are blonde and it was really funny. People would follow us around and stare at us, it was pretty awkward! Yesterday we went to play a soccer game against the allstar team made up of all the best players in the prefecture. They were very happy to see us. Before the game we gave them these keychains that either had beads or a soccer ball on them. They loved them so much! We tied 5-5, Mayu(a japanese girl who is amazing at soccer) scored 3 of the goals. The next game we mixed up everyone so there was an A team and a B team. It was so hard to play with them because you do not know how to communicate you just make some sort of noise that gets their attention. Afterward we had lunch all together and ate out of the bento boxes which are really good. They laughed at us because of our mad chop-stick skills... which we dont have. Then we went to the Kumamota Castle, it was really beautiful! I got some really pretty pictures. Everyday has been really long day. Right now we are on the bus to go dolphin watching and i am so excited!!! We have played 13 soccer games in the last 3 days... it is crazyness. MATTA NE!!!!!!!

Love you all,
  Jamie Turcotte

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