Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Last Day

Today was the last day of a wonderful trip.  We took a bus to a ferry, crossed the bay, and then more bus ride into Nagasaki Peace Museum.  It was a long day spent traveling, and eating, and traveling and eating, and seeing, and traveling (you get the picture).

The Peace Museum was inspirational.  There is no hatred or blaming, rather a recognition that what happened here was devastating and should never happen again.  We had the opportunity to listen to a survivor speak of what he went through after the bomb was dropped.  We learned that there are only 40 survivors left that can tell us what they experienced so we are lucky to be able to learn from him.  After his talk we went to the Peace Park and talked about what we felt about what we saw.  Admittedly I was the one that couldn't keep it together without crying.  I was moved by the mission of peace and hope for a better future for all.

After our visit to the park, we ate lunch at a buffet and relaxed.  Then it was off to a shopping district to get some things for ourselves and the many friends and relatives that would like to have been with us.

After the long trip home, the Sanvino families outdid themselves once again with a going away party.  We met at a restaurant a couple of blocks from our hotel.  The food was already on the table when we got there.  As usual there was already too much, and then the servers brought out more!!!  At least we were pleased when at the end of the night all the host families got the take-out containers and packed away every last bit of leftovers.  We would have hated to see all that meal go to waste.  There were hugs, and tears and awards.  Coach Yamada did his best at speaking in English (and it was quite good)!  We hated to say goodbye to the many families who made it all possible, but we had to pack up all the gifts and find a way for them to fit in the suitcases!

We are not looking forward to the travel, but we are glad to be coming home to our friends and families (and our own beds and pillows)!  Thank you for all of those back home who have sent us good thoughts. We will be seeing you soon.

Photos of Last Day in Japan

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  1. WOW! Sounds like an amazing experience for everyone on the trip. Thanks for taking the time to write and send photos. It has been WONDERFUL to see what you are doing and experiencing.
    Safe travels home! We look forward to seeing you back in Colorado and hearing all about the big adventure. I guess no one will be hungry when they return.
    Linda W.