Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mitra Speaks

One more day till we are coming home and it feels like we just got here.  I don't want to leave but im happy I'll be able to see my friends and family again.  Yesterday we went to Greenland amusement park and it was amazing.  I went on a standing roller coaster where i screamed bloody murderer before we were even over the first hill.  We would also go on Faye rides.  They were smaller nicer riders that were kinda little kidish but still fun.  For lunch we were suppose to get pizza but Jade mentioned corn dogs and we got corn dogs and had to reorder our pizza.  That night there was a barbecue outside our host families house.  It was fun and the food was really good.  The stars look different in Japan.  The Big Dipper is on the other side of the sky and its lower in the sky then it is in Colorado.  Anyway today we are going to Nagasaki and I have been looking forward to this all trip.  I have done 2 projects on the bombing and its horrible what happened there.  Tonight we have our going away party which will be sad and then tomorrow we have to leave.  I guess we will just have to make the most of how much time we have left here.   Anyway thats really all thats been happening.  I hope everything is great at home and can't wait to see all your guys!  O and Happy Late New Year's daddy I miss you!
Mitra Kermani

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