Monday, March 26, 2012

Amy Speaks

So Japan is now my new favorite country! It's beautiful here and everyone is super nice! I wish people in America were as nice as the people here. I wave to everybody i see and they all enjoy it! I feel like a superstar here. Yet, I'm still getting use to everybody staring at us wherever we go! Last night, we went to a celebration dinner for the end of the tournament and for the U12 boys on Sanvino who are graduating to junior high. The dinner was awesome and we played Bingo and got gifts from their Coach. My host family is awesome and super sweet! The kids are hilarious. A few days ago Jamie and I played baseball and dodge ball with our family and their friends out in the front lawn. I have made many friends so far! One is Hiro's son Daniel who is our translator and is like a mini Oscar!(They have matching sweatpants!) Daniel is easiest to talk to since he speaks English.
Today we drove to Kumamoto to play their girls team! They were super sweet and funny! We first played them and then we mixed up the teams and scrimmaged each other! They are all incrediabley fast and very skilled with their feet! During our opening ceremony a mascot charachter for the town came out and we all had to do a dance. We were in lines of 4 with our teams. According to Hiro's other son, Marcus, I looked really stupid. Being front and center and trying to follow a giant bear person, I'm not surprised! I think it's really cool to see how other countries play soccer. The Japan kids are so skilled with their feet that there is no need to shove or push. I only saw 2 fouls in the entire tournament. As I said before everyone is super nice! Oh! Before I forget, we had to do a shootout yesterday and I made my shot! Twice actually, because I accidentally went too early the first time. We ended up winning the shootout with Mitra making an awesome save!
Well currently we are on the bus to the castel in Kumamoto. It is quite a crazy scene back here in the back of the bus! The food is delicious and weather is windy but other wise beautiful in Japan! Well, i have taken over 300 pictures in 3 days! Hi Mom! Love you! Well, we are at the castel now so i have got to go!


  1. Hi Amy,
    Congrats on making "both" of your shots!! That would have been a bummer to make the first one and then not the second one... Sounds like you are having such an amazing time...probably better than Washington DC don't you think? Not sure everyone there would have been as "nice" and might have looked at you funny - if you waved to all of them (hee hee)

    It is super windy here today and almost 80 degrees. Not a good day for "chuck it" :(

    Iam glad that you have taken so many pictures - keep clicking away and keep track of your camera (don't let Randi hold onto it...jk)
    Hope you had FUN at the castle and that you have some nice weather for the Amusement Park day. Love You and Murphy sends endless licks :)

  2. I was able to watch the video of you dancing with the "cute" bear and I thought all of you did a good job - kind of like dancing to "Just Dance" on the wii - don't you think....? Pretty funny!