Monday, March 26, 2012

Mitra Speaks

Japan is the most amazing place I have ever been.  Everyone keeps talking to us and trying to find us like we are famous.  Anyway today started out like pretty much every other day I have been here.  WE woke up at 6am and got ready to go to the soccer tournament.  For breakfast we had pizza, ham, and peach bread that they only make in Arao.  Next we watched the weirdest TV show.  It was almost a mix in between Family Guy and Pokemon.  Then it was time to go to the soccer tournament.  The host family Mari and I ware staying with have a big camper as a car.  It's more than twice as big as the camper I have at home.  Any way we got the soccer tournament.  The temperature outside this morning was extremely cold so I put on a big red coat on that made me look like an Eskimo.  Then begin the weirdo I am I sat alone and read by book Catching Fire.  Soon enough we had to warm u for our first soccer game.  Our first game I didn't think I did that well and we lost 2-0.  The Japanese players are like little speed Demon munchkins.  Except for a lot of them are taller than me.... Anyway next we sat in the tent to wait for our next game.  Soon we had to warm up and I was not in the mood for a game.  I was tired and just wanted to go to bed.  So we started warming up and one of the goalies playing on the field ran into a post and got knocked out.  He got a cut on his forehead and ambulance had to come get him. 

Anyway our next game started and I was very nervous.  In the first half I had an amazing save where I ran at the person and it deflected off my arm but sadly they got another shot off and we were down 1-0.  In the second half we were playing great.  We had an amazing through ball and Peyten got a goal.  1-1.  We kept making shots but none of them would go in.  Plus the goalie kept drbbling the ball to the half and going out of the goal which messed up our focus.  In the last thirty seconds of the half Emiko had an amazing shot that almost went in.  We were still tied.  1-1  that means a shoot out.  The shoot out was so stressful.  The first two shooters whose name I don't want to mention missed their shots.  To make it worse both of the Japanese kids had made their shots on me.  Then the Japanese kid that was shooting for the win missed!  After that the shots started to go our way.  Everyone made their shot. I made one save and we were tied.  Then Petyen made an amazing shot.  All I had to do was save the last shot.  There is a moment where you have to choose as a goalie which way to dive, to jump, to stand.  In the moment I decided the shooter was going to the right.  He kicked the ball I dived to the right.  My hand stretched out and hit the ball.  I save the shot!  Then I just stood there.  I couldn't understand any of the refs so I didn't know if we won but just then the ref blew his whistle three times!  We had won the game!  Screaming I ran to to my team so excited.  We had a giant group hum and almost fell over.  I got a 10 minute break from Oscar and Joseph teasing me as a prize for my amazing save.  I had won a shoot out in Japan and that is something no one can ever take away from me.

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