Monday, March 26, 2012


Today we took the bus to Kumamoto to play against two girls soccer teams.  The complex was beautiful. Not grass, but turf - we'll take it!  The day was gorgeous and the wind finally died down.

When we got to the complex, the girls began to get loose and warm up while the coaches and town officials spoke.  The Japanese teams had decided to put together one all-star team and one team from the host city.  We play two full games.  The first game - we played the all-stars in the first half.  The score was 1-4 in that time.  In the second half we played the city team and the score was 3-0.

For the second game the coaches decided to mix things up and play half Japanese and USA against another half Japanese and USA.  The girls had an absolutely great time and got to know each other's styles and their senses of humor started to emerge as well.

There was a visit from Kumomon.  He is similar to Mickey Mouse in popularity here in Japan.  Kumumon led the entire team in some pre-warm up calisthenics - also known as dancing!.  Kumomon taught the girls to dance and it was funny to watch them try to follow along.  Everyone was laughing and I've got the video to prove it!  I'll see what I can do to get it posted for everyone.

After the games, the Japanese girls showed us how much pride they take in their facility.  They cleaned everything up - without any help or direction from adults.  They carried the goals off the field, put all benches and covers away, and even swept out the changing rooms!  They did all this before our girls had even finished packing up their own individual bags.  Then we had another great bento box lunch.  We sat out in the park area in the complex and the Japanese girls team sat with us.  We shared some snacks and laughter.

Then another bus ride and we were able to do some site-seeing at the Kumumoto Castle.  It was breathtaking to see.  We learned about how the castle was built, how it was destroyed and then rebuilt.  We were able to walk up to the top of one of the reconstructed buildings to see the view of the city.  Then we regrouped for a snack at the gift shop - pre made ice cream cones.  They are everywhere, and a big hit with the team.

We had dinner at a restaurant.  We ordered early this morning so that everything could be called ahead. We were able to walk in and start getting our food within 10 minutes.  The girls got their second wind and were goofy, and excited and telling jokes to each other as well as to their new Japanese friends.

I am trying to make sure that every girls put up something on the blog.  If you don't see your daughter's post yet, I'm on it!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing time! Thanks for all the posts. Congratulations on all the soccer successes the girls have had.
    It's Monday morning here - sigh!
    A special hug to Elizabeth!