Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mari Speaks

I am so sad that today is our last day. Right now we are on the bus to Nagasaki and after we are finished at Nagasaki we go to a farewell party, sad right?  Yesterday at Greenland was so much fun! The roller coasters were just as good as Elithes if not better.  My favorite ride was the Milky Way which was a roller coaster where you stood up!  We did this archery thing and I felt like Katniss shooting her bow and arrow(to bad i couldn't hit the target at all.)  At lunch we wanted to order pizza but somehow they thought we wanted corndogs so we ate both!  After lunch we went on a lot of other rides but my favorite was the tea cups. I was the only one spinning our cup and it was going super fast and when the ride ended we did not even notice. After we were done at Greenland we went back to my house and we brought some of my teammates.  We went to a barbecue right outside of our house and the food was delicious!  We played soccer, jump roped, and we even got to play with fireworks! I had so much fun yesterday and for this entire trip and I am very sad that it is almost over, but I am also happy to come home to see my family and friends.
Mari Pacheco

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